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Last Tuesday was a tiring day as it was the day after first competitions of MUDIPAT Festival 2017.In the morning,I didn’t feel so well but I made my self go to school.So,I didn’t feel motivated to study at school.At the third lesson,I felt so cold on my body.But my friend,Bila,got a fever.At the last lesson,I couldn’t help it anymore.I didn’t join the lesson as I felt the heat on my eyes.So,I took a nap at school hours.At home,I went to sleep with a thick blanket.I got a fever.I didn’t go to school on the next days,Wednesday and Thursday,as I had to story in bed.

My Favourite Foods


My favourite foods are Seafoods,and Durian.I like that anytime and anywhere.But,the most I like is homemade’s seafoods.Screenshot_2017-09-01-11-15-39-192

And the most I liketo eat Durian is in Trawas.Screenshot_2017-09-01-11-14-56-861

Because,it has a good taste.Many people in the world like that,one of the fans of this yummy foods is me.And you ask about the taste? Don’t ask,in front of this sentences I already said.The taste are very very good and yummy ^_^.